Every so often we may be overwhelmed with sadness or grief. It may be from the loss of someone or something we hold dear to our hearts or a general feeling of being low. An imbalance or depletion in lung chi is linked to grief that is associated with loss. Sometimes we may be overwhelmed with grief or sometimes we may be unable to express grief. These are both natural responses. If these feelings become prolonged they can become injurious to our overall health. This sequence below was designed to strengthen lung chi after the death of my chicken, it’s funny how these little birds can get under your skin. A few backbends to invigorate and bring joy and some calming forward folds to nourish and centre. Enjoy

The hold times depend on how you feel if you want to linger in them for longer great!


wide knee child's with a twist

Take the legs apart and settle back down onto the heels. If the knees are sore place a blanket under the legs or if the hips are tight put a blanket between the thighs and the shins. Make sure the head is supported on its side by placing a block under the head or blanket. Thread the right arm under and stay 2-3 minutes before changing to the other side. Feel free to do a down dog between sides This variation shows the hips stacked over the knees and may be better if you have sore knees..


Sphinx Pose

Place the elbows slightly in front of the shoulders. The further the elbows are away from the body will change where you feel it in your back. The closer you bring the elbows to your chest the more the pose seems to slide down the back. Experiment with this and where you place your head. You can look up or down or straight ahead. I like to pull the elbows back towards me isometrically just a little so I'm not dumping too much into my low back.