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Here is a collection of found classes, videos and recordings

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 awaken the dormancy of winter

This  carefully curated sequence is complied by Josh Summers writing for yoga journal. if you are interested in studying with Josh he is coming to New Zealand in 2020. Josh is a licensed acupunturist and yin yoga teacher. 

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Jennifer Raye Yoga

Jennifer has provided a valuable source of information on her  site including some a step by step guide to the postures on video. This link will take you to her sequence on Stomach and Spleen meridians, but there is a wealth of information including Yin and TCM,


IT Band release

A great article followed by a one hour sequence to release tightness in the I.T Band



Liver and gall bladder

This sequence is designed to target both the liver and gallbladder meridians with postures that elongate, compress, and trace the meridian lines up the body with the intention of balancing adverse manifestations of disharmony, stoking the digestive organs, and igniting creativity.


Sally Miller Yoga

Sally has a collection of videos on her site and also a you tube channel. Classes range from yin for anxiety to fatigue. Sally specializes in yin yoga as a tool for connecting with the wisdom of the body on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and energetic.



Yin plus myofacial release

Shannon Stephens takes you through a yin plus myofacial release targeted at the upper body. Enjoy.

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A yin sequence to lift your mood

We’ve all had days when we’ve been irritable, angry, or just in a bad mood. Maybe we snap at our kids or our partner, and feel remorse—only to snap at them again the very next minute. Or maybe we feel anger and frustration deep inside, but have no way of expressing it, so it continues to boil away in our very core.



yin on youtube

A large selection of online utube classes. Through uplifting interviews, yoga classes, and educational snippets, Kym Coco aims to provide inspiration for the body, mind, and spirit. Kym Coco, MA, RYT-200, is a teacher, author, and inventor. She has her master's degree in kinesiology and is a 200-hour certified teacher of integral vinyasa yoga (moving the body with the breath). She is dedicated sharing a safe, enjoyable, and tangible practice for all capability levels. Kym is also the founder of Inspire Me Creations, an energy-infused line of yoga products that enhances mental and physical well-being. For more information, visit



The Yoga Ranger Studio with Aprille Walker

Yin Snippets. I love this mini series of yin classes on youtube. Aprille has many wee sequences for you to follow.


photo credit: fwitness magazine

photo credit: fwitness magazine

Melt upper body knots

Yoga with Kassandra is a youtube channel devoted to yoga. You may like this one I chose that melts tension and knots especially in the upper body.



heart opening practice 

This beautiful sequence by Dagmar Spremburg will inspire and heal. When events occur in our lives that are beyond normal human experience, we often see no choice but to disconnect. We disconnect from society, from our family, from our body, and from our own heart. The sequence opens the heart, lungs and shoulders


A Sequence for Fall- Turning In

In Five Element Theory of Chinese Medicine, autumn is the season of the element Metal. Metal qualities are associated with the way energy condenses, moves downward, and slows to stillness. This is a period where we may crave more sleep and gravitate toward warm and nourishing foods, and pay more attention to our inner landscape.  



a short practice for sleep

In Chinese medicine, the two organs that influence our sleep are the Heart and the Gallbladder. Sometimes called the ‘Court of Justice,’ the Gallbladder plays a key role in making decisions and judgments. The Gallbladder has an influence over the quality and the duration of sleep. When deficient, you may wake up suddenly very early in the morning, and unable to fall asleep again.


Help relieve back discomfort 

The spine plays a crucial role in all movements that the body creates on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are commuting back and forth, chasing your kiddos around the neighborhood, lifting heavy boxes to help someone move, or even sitting at your desk – your spine determines the way you feel before, during, and after movement. I hope this sequence helps alleviate chronic and acute back pain as well as prevent you from straining your back in the future. This is a good one to incorporate at least once a week!


Best sequence for beginners

As you move through the following Yin sequence, hold the intention of surrender, of letting go, of yielding to gravity, in your awareness. Treat each pose like an experience, allowing each new experience to unfold before you, rather than forcing it to unfold in a particular way.

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Yin for stressed out peeps

This yin yoga practice is for my people who are stressed the bleep out! 

Want to know a secret? 

Yin yoga may not look like much, but the practice can be tough. I mean, who has the patience to sit (or lay) for 5 minutes straight in one single pose? Ain't nobody got time for that!


Yin for athletes

In this Yin Yoga deep stretch yoga video, LA based yoga teacher Laila Garsys will guide you in to a series of slow, deep stitches that will help release and open muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments, and will leave you calm, relaxed and feeling amazing

photo credit: freepeople

photo credit: freepeople


Restorative yin

Besides the beautiful photos and the well thought out sequence grab yourself some bolsters and props and check this out. Restorative yoga is a practice we all need more of and definitely can’t get enough of. It’s a guaranteed relaxation technique that will leave the body incredibly relaxed and restored, or what I like to call yoga stoned.

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photo: Sarah Coxon

photo: Sarah Coxon

Yin for surfers or upper body

Here is a simple sequence to get you started. Although this is tailored for surfers, anyone can use this sequence to restore harmony to body and mind.


Chakra work-in

Chakras are important energy centres in the body, situated along the spine. We have 7 main chakras which are connected to our whole system, our physical, mental and emotional body. This sequence uses Yin yoga poses to gently stimulate the 7 centres, so the energy starts to flow and the chakra can balance itself if needed.


Meridian stretch

This is a yin yoga sequence which focuses on stretching all meridians and ends with a tapping massage so that you can start refreshed into the day. Enjoy your practice!Designed by Stephanie Arnend

yin for anxiety and stress

this sequence of yin/ restorative and some acupressure is designed to keep anxiety at bay  designed by Alana kane