Finalist in the Ashton Wylie Book Awards for excellence in the Mind Body Spirit Genre

This is an incredible book for Yin instructors - every page is a gem.πŸ™πŸ’œ

I have way too many Yoga books !!! (just a little OCD lol) but your book has just arrived - I've been eyeing it up for 2/3 weeks... knowing I do not need another book ! However, 'The Language of Yin' has just proved me wrong !!! even by the first few pages I knew this was going to be the ONE!
It really is DELICIOUSLY DIVINE πŸ’– Your book really 'feels' and inspires, and I can't wait to introduce this inspiration to my classes! Thank you πŸ™

Got my copy - loving it! A necessary addition to anyone's yoga library

thank You! This book has given me so much wonderful inspiration for my classes. Love it πŸ™πŸ™

It's spectacular - and this week I'm teaching with a Sthira Sukham Asanum in a variety of classes and loving the nudge to include some glorious and inspiring themes. I feel it will change my teaching for the better. It's a beautiful book and going to be a classic - should be required reading for teachers.... πŸ’—

It’s a wonderful book with such useful information in it! I love her explanations!!

I just received my copy and it is a must have for all yin teachers. Absolutely love it!

I ordered this last week! Congratulations! Very well done and chock full of great information! I went on a road trip for a yoga training with my studio owner and I read it out loud most of the way.(Now she wants one too) . GREAT JOB! Very inspiring.

I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful book. I have incorporated it into my program and just treasure it

Gabrielle Harris I received my copy yesterday and cannot wait to delve into it this weekend! It is truly a beautiful book inside and out. Well done. 🌟


over 40 sequences

tested intelligent sequences for home practice or teaching yin

Over 200 Pages of inspiration for both yin and yang practitioners

Philosophy and content from Ayurveda to Zen

Poems, scripts and readings to contemplate or to read to your class.

Tips on creating themes that bring yoga to life

The role of the teacher

Yin fundamentals

Meditations, mudra and mantra to incorporate into your practice

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