The intention of this retreat is to help people reconnect back to their yoga practice. It is suitable for those starting out in yoga or who have practiced on and off as well as more seasoned yogis wanting to have a break from the busyness of life. The sessions are designed with therapy in mind not only for the body but the heart and mind. Attend one or all of them, this is your time out and there is no obligations to do it all but to do what you love and what makes you feel good.

Am session

asana, meditation, pranayama led my Nico Luce. Nico will lead you through intelligent sequencing and alignment based  therapeutic  movement. Each day will focus on a different area of the body or function of yoga. Nico will teach you breathing techniques to relieve stress, move energy and show you how to use breath to enliven or calm you. He will teach you how we can use meditation as a tool to give focus, clarity and purpose to your life. Each session is designed to move energy in a focussed and intelligent way to give the body more balance, more energy and more freedom in movement.

Pm session

yin/restorative/nidra/myofacial release/gentle movement led by Gabrielle Harris. Gabrielle will take you more into stillness and deepness with quiet well thought out gentle movement, yin and restoratives all offered with a dose of philosophy and insightful wording and yoga philosophy. This will help you learn more about yourself and gain insight into the way yoga plays out in your daily life. The  nourishing classes are designed to heal the body mind and heart using postures and techniques that will take you into a great understanding of how you can soothe, help and heal yourself to create harmony within.

sample day: 

7:30-8:45 asana meditation pranyayama

9:00-10:00 slow leisurely breakfast followed by swim

10:00-5:00pm free time

5:00-6:15 yin meditation nidra restorative yoga

6:30 dinner