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Rebounds and Chakras Joe Barnett–Auckland

  • abundance mind body studio Queen Street Auckland, Auckland, 1010 New Zealand (map)

Yin Rebounds and Chakras—Joe Barnett


About this course

This Next Level study aims deeper than the crude tissues of the Target Area. The Yin practice releases blocked Chi which has the potential to awaken the spiritual centers of our being, the Chakras. Subtle Body Yin will introduce a model of Chakra Meditation specifically integrated into the practice of Yin Yoga. “The Modern Meridian Theory” proposes that the physical manifestation of Chi (or Prana) flows in water patterns, “rivers” or Meridians that run through the Fascia. Restricted tissue, as well as stagnant and/or deficient Chi flow is corrected and regulated through the proper application of practices like Yin Yoga. The release of the posture allows this Chi flow, this “Rebound.” And with a continuously conscious yet soft focus at the end of each asana, this intelligent vibration can be directed into the Chakras to reveal everything from suppressed regret and fear, to forgotten joy and inspiration. Each awakened Chakra is a unique opportunity to examine deeply hidden motivations, an opportunity to choose to release or embrace these previously hidden drives in order to move toward a higher path.

About Joe

Joe Barnett, ERYT-500, based loosely in both Cincinnati, OH and Tucson, AZ, has been teaching for 14 years. He travels nationally and internationally year round offering presentations and trainings on Yin and Yang (Vinyasa) forms of Yoga.He provides a deep study (both experiential and anatomical) of the crude physical Skeleton and Fascia, as well as the more subtle Meridians and Chakras. Joe is a senior student and primary teaching assistant of Paul Grilley, a true Yoga Scientist and founder of Yin Yoga. After several years of apprenticing under Paul, Joe began roaming the globe to spread the word of his teacher’s work: 1) Yin Yoga, 2) a Functional Analysis of the Skeleton, and 3) Chakra Meditation. Naturally he began training yoga teachers across the world how to begin using these practical models to help others find a quiet practice of surrender.

 “Joe Barnett has been our friend and assistant for many years. He has two qualities that make him an excellent presenter: he knows the anatomical principles and he relates to people in a sympathetic manner. His presentations are unhurried, hands on demonstrations, this is the easiest way to absorb these ideas.” ~ Paul and Suzee Grilley


About Yin

Yin Yoga is a simple practice of surrender. We settle into an Asana for 3-7 minutes and slowly relax our muscles to allow the deeper drier tissues–the connective tissues that wrap our muscles and form our joint capsules–to be safely and therapeutically stretched, stimulated and strengthened.

The alignment rules of the postures are also simple, but more importantly they are functional and organic: Listen to the body and lead it into the shape that follows the unique contours of the spine, pelvis and hips.

However, bringing oneself into this simplicity can be challenging. The surrendering effort leads the Yogi to rest within her own bone structure and every skeleton is unique as a snowflake; therefore, the shape (aka the alignment) is also unique. Listening to our bodies to find the natural alignment of the pose requires a power of discrimination which only comes with an understanding and familiarity with the ever-changing sensations in the body, the sensations of tension and compression.
In this training, we will analyze, observe and practice the Yin Yoga Postures in depth. We will articulate the joints on a plastic skeleton model and observe its movements while studying slides of real bones. But mostly and more importantly, we will have an interactive, hands-on study of eachother with range of motion (ROM) tests and the Assisted Yin Yoga practice.  We will also study schematics of muscle lines and their corresponding Meridians, before feeling and discussing the effects of going deep into the poses, and the resulting vibratory flow (known in the Yin Yoga world as “The Rebound”).

The study culminates in a truer understanding of, and a better appreciation for the endless variety of human bodies from the crude bones to the subtle life force at the heart of the ancient and modern Yoga. Every posture should be modified to the individual. The Yin Yoga Teacher Training offers the basic techniques to help guide each student with their unique skeletal structures into the appropriate asana for them.

Hours per day 6 Course total hours 25 Yoga Allicance continuing education credits


Thursday 20th June - Sunday 23rd June 9:30-11:45 and 1:30-5:15

After $825 by Credit Card

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