The Power of Intention

The change of seasons is a chance to take stock of our lives and give thought to the direction in which we wish to head. 

Maybe it has crossed your mind that things are going to be 'better', that you will make some changes in your life or let go of some old views that might be holding you back? Maybe you feel you are not living your life to your full potential?

How would it feel then, to be the architect of your destiny, that the seeds of thought we plant now may flourish today or in a year from now? Life can be a very effective therapy. Each day, each breathe is a chance to mess things up, but it is also a chance to start again. How we resolve to live our life has the power to change the direction in which we sail. When we tether ourselves more firmly to our North Star, or our inherent values, the body has no choice but to follow. 

We can use the power of Sankalpa, loosely translated as deepest heartfelt desire, or resolve, to begin any day, any year, any practice, any journey.

Desire Versus Intention

Sankalpa is not a desire but a promise to yourself about what you intend to do.

The premise of a desire is that there is an outcome. The backbone of intention is that we are more involved with the process. When we focus on the process as opposed to the result, we are likely to be more contented. When we are attached to the outcome of the happy endings, we are more likely to be disappointed.

Start Here

The closest way to finding out your heart's desire is to get quiet and then ask yourself 'What is the one thing that I am are not doing now that will make the biggest difference in my life?" Ask the questions you have welling up within to help you find your Sankalpa. Each is a chance to take a personal inventory of your life, and to help bring clarity and focus to your core values.

Example Questions

How is it that I want to show up in the world today?

What is it that I want to achieve in this life?

What is my purpose for being here on this earth?

What is important to me, what or who do I value?

Putting it into Words

The subconscious doesn't recognise negative words. Therefore if you have a negative word in your sentence, it only hears the positive.

Compare I will not smoke with I live smoke-free. The first example the mind deletes the not and hears I will smoke. So state your intention in the positive and keep it brief and memorable.

Examples of Sankalpas

I am loved.

I am patient.

I have all I need to live a full life.

I feel calm when life is hectic.

Repeat it each day, use the exact words until you create a mental groove or until you feel ready to move to a new intention.

Be realistic about your goal.

Write it down and carry it with you.

And if you are stuck, ask yourself what is the kindest thing to do, say or think about myself and others today?

Things will shift for you slowly. 

Be there to see the change.

Gabrielle Harris