Song for Savasana

Lay yourself out to rest as if you are pressing the blueprint of your entire body into the earth beneath the earth. Take a deep breath in and exhale physically.... mentally....emotionally. As gravity takes hold feel your organs get heavy and sink toward the earth as your upper body becomes lighter, more buoyant. Let the muscles around your eyes soften and the skin on forehead melt as your body slowly spreads like water. As you let go another five per cent, release the trying, the doing the fighting and come into being. No need to try so hard here. Let the soft hum of your breath come and go of its own accord, your breath breathing you.....Allow yourself to be held, here, by the earth as if you were being held in the arms of a Mother and with this sweet support are you more able to drop into your internal landscape? Are you more able to feel a soothing washing through you..... filling every space of your being. And know that this feeling.... this peace.... is always there for you.... waiting patiently for you to uncover it whenever you need.

Gabrielle Harris