Desiree Rumbaugh USA/ Auckland - Urban retreat weekend Early Bird

Desiree Rumbaugh USA/ Auckland - Urban retreat weekend Early Bird


Desiree holds fast to the teaching that Love is Stronger Than Fear. Having navigated personal tragedy, she has relied on the study and practice of Yoga to help her move forward in life with inner strength and courage. Known also for her warmth, authenticity and playful sense of humor, Desiree is a master at delivering the complexity of yoga in a down-to-earth, easily understandable way.

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Dates: Friday 15th November 2019-17th November, 2019

Queen Street Abundance inside city fitness

Friday 6-8:30 REFLECT: Hip Openers, pranayama and meditation

Soften your stiff spots and strengthen your weak spots with core integration exercises for all levels and hip opening poses of all kinds that smooth out the rough edges, physically and mentally. Our belief systems are reflected in our body and when we begin the unravel old patterns, we naturally create shifts from the inside.

Saturday 10-12:30 RECONNECT: Standing poses and Backbends

In this class, the ancient practice of Yoga combines with the latest discoveries from Physical Therapy and Functional Movement to create unbelievable power in your core leading to freedom and healing for your neck and shoulders. Come ready to experience a refreshed feeling and a true energy lift.

Saturday: 2:30-5:00 RENEW:Forward Bends and Twists

Are great for stretching tight hamstrings and keeping your spine nourished, but they can do so much more! Learn how to use these powerful poses to clear out old patterns in your psoas. Changes felt in the body affect us on a subconscious level and this afternoon class will be cleansing and transformational

Sunday 1-3:30 CELEBRATE: Putting it all together

All of the new concepts we have learned over the weekend will be put into practice in this lively class for all levels. Expect a little bit of everything and come ready to work and play with your community.