Josh Summers Yin Foundations

Josh Summers Yin Foundations



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Join Josh Summers, for this yin foundation course which includes online work. This course is essential for all teachers who want to incorporate yin into their teaching. Suitable for those new to yin or who have been practicing yin.

Core principles of Yin Yoga; how to cue postures and educate students safely.

  • Practice the core Yin asanas: Backbends, forward bends, lunges, external hip openers, twists, upper body postures.

  • Explore the difference between Aesthetic Alignment and Functional Alignment; how bone variation affects range of motion and alignment considerations.

  • Study the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine, pelvis, thigh, knee, and shoulder girdle.

  • Principles of tension and compression in asana.

  • Learn four essential Yin sequences, with relevant modifications and adjustments.

  • Principles of sequencing; target areas and counterposes.

  • Investigate the histological structure and function of connective tissue.

  • Understand the positive physiological effects of Yin Yoga on the fascia, connective tissue and joint health.

  • The Foundations Module is suitable for those both interested in teaching Yin Yoga or for those who simply wish to deepen their understanding of the practice.