Yin Yoga- Traditional Chinese Medicine

Yin Yoga- Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Traditional Chinese Meridian Module is a comprehensive training in the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its application to the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga. This module is open to serious students and teachers of Yin Yoga who are interested in integrating the profound energetic aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine into their practice and teaching of Yin Yoga.

The 50hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training Traditional Chinese Meridian Module will include:

  • Historical overview of Chinese Medicine‚Äôs philosophical origins.

  • Yin and Yang Theory.

  • Five Element Theory and Seasonal Balance.

  • Understand the Vital Substances of Chinese Medicine: Qi, Essence, Blood, and Fluids.

  • Dynamics of Qi, theory and practice.

  • Functions of the Internal Organs, with both Chinese and Western analysis.

  • Learn to locate the essential Meridians of Yin Yoga practice, as well as identify and palpate the power acupuncture points on these channels.

  • Learn the interrelationships of the Yin Organs as they relate to the production, circulation and storage of Qi, Blood, and Essence.

  • Practice sequences and pranayama to harmonize Qi and Blood circulation

  • Develop ways to speak about this curriculum in theory and practice.

  • Learn to design sequences based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.

  • Students and teachers with previous foundational Yin Yoga experience or training are welcome to attend this module.